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we are grateful YOU are here!

GLASS is a global community, dedicated to connecting those who are curiously seeking or already living a sober lifestyle. Connect with us for support, laughter, education and the opportunity to join a brand promoting the adventure and wonder of living alcohol free!

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What you will find here

This website is a growing community.

We offer information and support through our members only forum. There you can find resources for cutting back alcohol or quitting entirely. This space will also connect you with all those walking a similar journey and you can share and encourage each other in a safe, private atmosphere. 

In this forum the education tools are growing! The lists are continually updated and so we know there will always be connection to a path to sobriety right for you!

We also offer simply designed clothing and accessories to connect you to our  community, even when you cannot be connected online. Our designs are quiet and subtle, yet powerful, as they remind you that your life free from alcohol does not mean one of deprivation, but one of freedom, power and fun.

Keep coming back as we are changing, growing and continually adding new connections and products!

Thank you x Beth

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Growing, Learning and Staying Sober

About glass

glass was founded by Beth Clark in 2020 after she made the decision to live alcohol free. She documented her journey on TikTok and desired to grow the community and the support they provided each other.
glass is now a global village, dedicated to supporting those who wish to become sober and those who are already sober. 
Beth's desire is to show how exciting and adventurous a life without alcohol can be! This is no life of deprivation!
Who knew that we could gain so much more after giving up alcohol!

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